$8.00 USD, $7.00 USD

Submit your poetry or fiction chapbook and purchase one of ours (free shipping!) in one step (please include your address on the cover letter) for a limited time. Please email for international orders at press@bigwonderfulpress.com.

(If you want to submit without purchase, email editor@bigwonderfulpress.com to request the submission mailing address. )

Poetry Guidelines

Must be 20-40 pages long. Open to anyone, but very selective.  Authors must be willing to promote their work with pride and be open to revision.  Should be published previously in at least one literary journal.

Fiction Guidelines

Fiction chapbooks must be more than one story or flash piece and less than 40 pages long.

The online purchase requirement serves two purposes: 1) to prevent too many low-quality submissions.  We want to read everything and sometimes if you don't charge any fee, people send you work that is not quite ready.  This is known as the "what the hell" strategy. 2) If you write poetry, you should support poets and poetry publishers. We all need it.

You can also send your manuscript snail mail for now with no purchase or fee.  Email for the address.